B.Sc. Hons. Chemistry

B.Sc. Honors in Chemistry is an unique and leading course designed to encourage aspiring students to pursue an undergraduate program that will challenge their critical thinking, give practical exposure and prepare them for other rewarding professional careers.

B.Sc. Honors in chemistry provide a backbone in all the traditional branches of physical, inorganic, organic and analytical chemistry.

Graduates from this course will be better prepared to understand the new environment-friendly systems and can understand the processes that the chemical industry is adopting. After doing BSc Chemistry, one can go for MSc in Chemistry or take up various jobs and also take up internships to prepare for industry level entries.

Duration: 3 Years
Eligibility: 10+2 with Chemistry with 50% marks in aggregate
Total seats: 30


CH101 Inorganic Chemistry-I
CH102 Physical Chemistry-I
CH103 English Communications -I
CH104 Computer Science

CH105 Inorganic Chemistry-I Lab
CH106 Physical Chemistry-I Lab
CH107 Computer Science Lab


CH201 Organic Chemistry-I
CH202 Physical Chemistry-II
CH203 English Communications -II
CH204 Physics

CH205 Organic Chemistry-I Lab
CH206 Physical Chemistry-II Lab
CH207 Physics Lab


CH301 Inorganic Chemistry-II
CH302 Organic Chemistry-II
CH303 Physical Chemistry -III
CH304 Basic Analytical Chemistry
CH305 Mathematics

CH306 Inorganic Chemistry-II Lab
CH307 Organic Chemistry Lab-II
CH308 Physical Chemistry-I Lab


CH401 Inorganic Chemistry- III
CH402 Organic Chemistry-III
CH403 Physical Chemistry-IV
CH404 Fundamentals of Polymer Chemistry
CH405 Environmental Science

CH406 Inorganic Chemistry Lab-III
CH407 Organic Chemistry Lab-III
CH408 Physical Chemistry Lab-IV


CH501 Organic Chemistry-IV
CH502 Physical Chemistry –V
CH503 Inorganic materials of industrial importance
CH504 Research methodology for chemistry

CH505A Punjabi Compulsory-I/
CH505B Elementary Punjabi

CH506 Organic Chemistry Lab-IV
CH507 Physical Chemistry Lab-V
CH508 Inorganic materials of industrial importance


CH601 Inorganic Chemistry-IV
CH602 Organic Chemistry-V
CH603 Industrial chemicals and novel inorganic solids
CH604 Instrumental methods of chemical analysis

CH605A Punjabi compulsory II
CH605B Elementary Punjabi

CH606 Inorganic Chemistry Lab-IV
CH607 Organic Chemistry Lab-V
CH608 Instrumental methods of chemical analysis Lab