ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT: the department of mathematics wish to offer courses and programs that will ensure that the student learner will be able to contribute to the modern society as well as learn to formulate strategies for solving problems. for this, students should be research oriented, motivated and can be done through workshop, seminars, inspiring talks, audio visual presentations ,training programs and in addition to this, contribute should be made to traditional ,applied and fundamental research.

Names of Programmes/Courses offered
Under Graduate:
1. B.Sc. Non-Med. with Chemistry
2. Sc. Non-Med. with Computer Applications
3. B.A. with Mathematics as an elective subject

Post Graduate:
4. M.Sc. Mathematics (from the session 2014-15 onwards

Faculty profile:

Name Qualification Designation
Smt.Pushpa R.Balgan M.Sc., M.Phil Associate Professor
Dr.Hardip Singh Teja Ph.D Associate Professor
Dr. Seema Manchanda M.Sc., Ph.D. Associate Professor
Ms/ Rachna M. Sc. B.Ed. Assistant Professor
Ms. Gaganeet M. Sc. B.Ed. Assistant Professor
Ms. Shiwani M. Sc. B.Ed. Assistant Professor
Ms. Jajji Singla M. Sc. M. Phil. Assistant Professor
Ms. Vandana Goyal M. Sc. UGC NET Assistant Professor
Ms. Neha Garg M. Sc. Assistant Professor